Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Tired and Grateful

:sigh: It has been a tiring week, sorry I didn't put up my kid craft post yesterday I just didn't get the photos done for it. I was feeling kind of anti computer, I just wanted to hang out with my daughter and husband. I haven't been sleeping well so I just lack energy during the day. We are also gearing up for girls camp this week. Luckily I'm just an extra leader so I'm only going up for 2 days but there is still some anxiety about getting everything ready.

I'm grateful for:
1. Sunday Funnies- just got my subscription going again and oh how I missed them
2. Vons chocolate cake that you can buy by the slice so I can enjoy one piece for a couple servings and not eat a whole cake.
3.  Naps- I could use one right now, but I'll do this instead.
3. My viewers and family- Give me great feedback on what they are enjoying, hopefully I can continue with the good stuff.
4. Mario Galaxy for Wii- I like to do one star a day, it is my little escape that doesn't take too long.
5. A clean kitchen- Just got it all organized and it makes me feel soooo much better.
I think 5 is good for today, my brain is kind of slow so it is having a tough time processing today. Stay tuned for tomorrow, my sad gardening day. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

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