Monday, August 2, 2010

A Sad Sad Gardening Day

So lately some kind of little bug has been eating my tomato plants. They are super tiny and they leave little black spots and then the leaf slowly dies. So I told my mom, who has quite a lot of gardening experience and she suggested that I spray my plants with soap water.  I thought Hey that's a great Idea!! It isn't nasty like pesticides and it doesn't cost me anything except for a little soap. And Heres the result.

Sad Huh.

So yeah, I had 6 plants and I think maybe 2 might recover, the rest are fried. Oh well, guess it just isn't a good tomato year :) 
One cool thing was that when I was spraying my plants I found two more big caterpillars because when you spray them with water they wiggle like crazy. So if you think you have caterpillars spray your plants with some water.

My mom was really sad when she heard about my tomato plants. So the moral of the story is DON'T USE SOAP ON YOUR PLANTS! She said it works with just a little bit of soap, I guess I used too much. 


  1. I had the same bug, never saw it but it wrecked havoc on my tomato plants. It killed all the extra seedlings that I had gotten from you.


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