Sunday, August 22, 2010

Busy Saturday

I didn't get a saturday project posted, I went on a road trip with a family in my ward, she has 8 kids!!! Thankfully it was just 4 in the car, I can't imagine having that many kids. We had a ton of fun! We went to Cedar City UT to go school shopping at the Deseret Industries. It was a long day, we didn't get home until 9:30 pm but it was really enjoyable and Ella had a great time too. Then Friday I was trying to finish up my peach canning do it would be done before I left. Soooo I didn't get a kids craft done for yesterday. I will try to do 2 for next saturday.

Today I am grateful for:
Friends: It is great to make new friends, that was the most enjoyable part of the trip.
Peaches:Sooooo tasty
Talents:Everyone has some talent, make sure to develop it rather than bury it.
Hot Chocolate: Has been my comfort this week, so I don't eat ice cream
People who stand up for right: A very difficult thing these days with all the arguments that go back and forth but I'm grateful to those people who stand strong.
Music: One of the ladies in our ward wrote a song for girls camp and we sang it last week for church and it truly touched me. I am amazed at people who can do that.
Netflix for the Wii: It is great being able to watch something without any commercials and they have a bunch of old stuff on there that I watched when I was little.
Babies: Figured I should share that I am pregnant, super excited, now I look at all the little babies and want to hold them more because my daughter is already getting very independent. It has been an annoying pregnancy so far, this one makes me nauseous, cranky, angry, and craving weird foods in the middle of the night, so it will be interesting to see how this little person is.

Well thanks for joining my little group of friends, I love doing this blog and keep checking in, we will have some great stuff this week.

Love ya!


  1. I'm super excited for you!!!! Little babies are so fun! I'm holding my little baby right now! I live checking in on your blog!

  2. :) Thanks Sandy, I got to see my friend last week and hold her brand new baby, made me all happy. I hope Betty gets to come home soon, it is wonderful that she is doing better. I'm so glad you enjoy the blog, it keeps me sane. :)

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