Thursday, August 19, 2010

My mom explained to me how to make your own crib sheets. I am a big vintage fan so I have some great daisy sheets that I bought a while ago from an estate sale. I used these and made sheets for Eleanor’s crib. 
Instructions: Measure the length and width of the mattress, add on the depth of the mattress sides. Example: Bed is 55 inches long by 30 inches wide, Sides are 5 inches deep. You have 4 sides so it is an extra 10 inches for your length and width so your dimensions are 65 x 40 inches. Add on an extra inch on each side for the hem(Ex: 67 x 42) Make a square template from a piece of paper that is the same size as the depth of your mattress. (Ex: Depth was 5 inches plus 1 inch of hem so you cut out a square that is 6x6 inches) With the measurements of your mattress cut out a rectangle that size from your fabric (Ex: 67 x 42) Then in the corners of your rectangle place your square template and cut that size square from your corner. 
You now have a rectangle piece of fabric that has the corners missing, now we are ready to sew. On each corner match up the two sides of your square hole with right sides to right sides. Sew along this edge about 1/2 inch inside, do that on all 4 corners of your sheet. Now you should have 4 corner pockets. Along the edge of your sheet roll it in 1/4 inch (I iron it to make it easier) then roll it about 3/4 inch (again iron it) Now if your sew along the hem about 1/2 inch inside so you have a casing. Do that all the way around but leave a 2 inch hole on one side. Now you can put elastic all the way around the sheet or you can just put it in the corners. You can use whatever elastic you want as long as it is thinner than 1/2 inch. Attach a safety pin to the end of your elastic and push your elastic through the casing of your sheet hem. If you want to just do the corners than pick a hole on each side of each corner, insert your elastic and pull it through to the other hole, do some stitches on top of the elastic to hold in place, bunch the sheet till it gets to your desired tension, sew the other end of the elastic, snip it off and sew over the hole, repeat for each corner. 
You can make your own sheets out of all kinds of fabric and it is nice because then you can make flannel sheets for the winter, or you can pick any patterns your want to go with the room. It is a lot of fun and really easy. 

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  1. Neato! Simple and fun! Also good for pack n play sheets !!


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