Friday, February 11, 2011

Feels like a goodbye

Maybe you've noticed that I haven't been posting very much. Well, I am now working almost full time, I substitute teach 4 days a week and take friday off to run all my errands. I've also submitted my paperwork so hopefully I will be teaching art again in the fall. Why the return to work?

A couple reasons. 1. we have no money. So my income will help us out. 2. I'm not a great stay at home mom. I'm unorganized and I feel hopeless when it comes to being at home ALL the time. I haven't been really happy in a long time so we decided that I do better when I am working.

We found a great babysitter for my daughter, she has a son the same age so they basically play all day and she is the most wonderful loving mom I've met so I'm thrilled she loves to have my daughter with them.

I don't have time for crafts. I'm basically working, come home and relax for a bit then dinner, play with Ella, get her ready for bed, and then tidy up the house, laundry, and if there is any residual energy left I work on my hairclips. So I don't really have any stuff to put on my blog. I'm trying to get this craft fair going, which is pretty hard, and some nights I just want to go to bed as soon as Ella goes to bed. So I'm going to leave my blog for a bit. I'm sure I will be very active on it during the summer since I won't be working then, but otherwise I'll just moth ball it for a little while. I love having all the links to my fav blogs on here so I can keep up with them when I feel like it, so feel free to stop on by and check those out and we can chat later on. :) Love, and happy crafting.