Friday, June 7, 2013

Well How have you been?

Ha ha.... Crazy how time flies right? A year has passed and I am newly out of school. First day of summer break! I feel it is starting out well already. It is funny because I looked at my friend's blogs and it seems like everyone has taken a hiatus from blogging. Most people just facebook what is going on with them, but I think blogging is fun because you can actually write out longer bits and those are sometimes the best part. I was reading through my past entries and it was really fun to read because I could feel my voice from the past. So I thought I would do a little compilation of all the awesome projects we did this year that I took photos of and remember. Each grade is assigned a continent to focus on and then each class in that grade has a country within that continent so I had to come up with different projects for every grade and every class for the last part of the year. That was fun and challenging.
Mexico Sun and moon 4th grade

Canadian Totem pole animals 4th grade

Jamaican masks 4th grade

Iguazu Falls in Argentina 2nd grade

Glacier in Argentina 2nd grade

Saudi Arabian rugs 1st grade

Solar system 3rd grade

Winter snow scene from Sweden 3rd grade( one of my favs!)

Australian dot painting kindergarten

Nigerian Batik 5th grade

Indian Elephants 1st grade

Polish scratch art 3rd grade

Egyptian hieroglyphics 5th grade

3rd grade clay monsters ( they love this project and I made them write and design what planet they are from and make a backdrop so he would have  a background for the picture.)

South American Macaws 2nd grade

Peruvian Ponchos 2nd grade

Chinese dragons 1st grade

Kindergarten owls

Van Gogh inspired still life 2nd grade

Expression masks 2nd grade

Taj Mahal inspired architecture 1st grade

Saudi Arabian mosque architecture 1st grade

Chinese architecture 1st grade

Chinese cherry blossom scrolls 1st grade