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 Here is an example of the types of hair clips I am making. The two green clips are my original designs with a pearl or a vintage button. The center, black clip is my newest design, it creates a more life like looking flower. They are 5 dollars each. You can choose whether you would like a pearl or a vintage button, you can also specify what color you want. I have black, ivory, light green, olive, lavender, gray, white, red, violet, and red wine. I love to group them together.

I use satin ribbon for the petals. Each petal is singed along the edges with a flame to seal it. It causes the edge to darken a little which helps to define each petal. The petals are then hand stitched together so each one is unique, no two are alike. Then I stitch on a bead or a button to complete the center. The small flowers have a small one prong metal clip attached. The clip is lined with a complimentary ribbon that goes with the color of the flower. The large flowers use a large duck bill clip.

To purchase, Check out my shopping cart below. You can pay with a credit card or with a paypal account.

Please pick what size and in the text instructions you can tell me what colors. If you live in Las Vegas, you get free shipping, anywhere else in the US is 2.00. I also include a free gift if you spend 10$ or more.
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  1. Mindy!!!!!! I love it!!!!! You're going HAVE to show me how you did it!!! I've been dying to learn how to blog my stuff, but I don't have time, if there's no $$$...I love it! I love the simplicity and the way to sell from your blog!!!

  2. I wouldn't change anything! I am so glad I just saw this. I am almost ready to launch my new sewposh site, as I've seen loads of copycatters on my name(jerks), and I need to get it together! I was totally thinking of you and your flowers today and wanting to know if you'd be interested in having them on my site too??? I haven't seen how everything will ne laid out yet, but I'd love to have an accessories section. It wouldn't cost you anything and more business is never bad! We'll have to chat!

  3. Thanks Sandy! That sounds like a great idea. I really like how I did it on here because it is really less complicated than alot of other stuff out there. Thanks for checking it out and the feedback.

  4. OH!!! aND....Gotta tell you! I used some of your flowers in my photo shoot with my bags, and with Betty, AND, I tried some of your photo tips on my camera...and asked a photog friend of mine to show me what you meant on MY camera...and I actually achieved some neat shots, not of food, but of a recent sewing project! I love learning from you!

  5. Hi Melinda! I love your clips! I'm going to get on in black for my sister's wedding...

    What are they made of? what is one the petal's border? And how does the clip attatch?

    btw your little girl is soooo cute!!!
    -Dana (from western hs)

  6. Thanks Dana for the questions. I'll update the post with a more in depth description. How are you doing? Are you still on interact?

  7. Melinda,
    You are such a talented and fun person. I can't wait to get some of your pretty flower clips in my stocking. I love the ones in the picture that are bright red with the black beads in the center. Do you have any more of those? Anyway, I love your blog! You inspire me!


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