Thursday, January 6, 2011

Are you crafty and do you live in Las Vegas?

Alright, BIG NEWS over the holiday break I had a super brain storm. I was looking into showing my flowers at ren faires and I couldn't believe that it was like 450 dollars$ I'm like Heck NO! That is ridiculous. I wouldn't even make that much. So I looked into other craft fairs and it was the same thing. So I realized, well someone needs to change the world and I guess I'm the one to do it. So here it goes. I am launching the Las Vegas Locals Craft Fair. 
I thought, why do craft shows cost so much money? What if you have it at a place that doesn't cost anything? What if it is only for locals so you don't get a bunch of outside professionals who hog all the business? And what if you hold it at one of the nicest but unknown locations in Vegas? Boom Baby!! Success!!!

So on April 9, 2011 I will be hosting the first Las Vegas Locals Craft fair at UNLV. Exciting huh? Warren was amazed that I got a great idea and was able to make it real. Not like all my other stupid  amazing ideas. I created a blog. and right now I am putting the finishing touches on the application packet so people can start registering. It is 20$ to get a space. That will cover all the expenses and maybe have a little left over for next year.

Fun huh? I know you were thinking, boy Melinda hasn't done a post in a while, she is so lazy. Well Booyah! This is what I have been working on and thinking about. So if you have any friends who are crafters, have them keep that date in mind. April 9, 2011. And check the blog on Saturday for the application to download and send in.

Happy Crafting!