Friday, July 30, 2010

Sundried tomato sandwhich

Well it is Friday, my cooking day! This week hasn't been much for cooking. My husband is on a diet so I don't really feel like making anything big since it is just me and my 13 month old to eat it. I did make some of my awesome burrito mix which you can find here. That was great to eat for a couple days and my daughter likes it smooshed up with some cheese in a quesadilla. So I thought I would post a lunch idea since I always have trouble with that.

So I went to the farmer's market and got some sundried tomato bread, it has the consistency of a baguette but has little bits of sun dried tomato throughout. Then I have some avocado, Mmmmmm so yummy and great source of good fats, last, I top it with an over medium eggs. People are used to hearing over easy but if you cook it over easy then the white part is still kind of runny. Yuck! So I cook mine over medium. I toss my bread in the toaster for a couple minutes to make it a slight crunch. Try it out!! It is super tasty, healthy, and feels you up with good carbs and proteins.

So yesterday was my giveaway and I guess people didn't really want a comfy hat because I only had one comment. heh kind of funny, so thats great because the hat goes to an awesome supporter of my blog, who has been hanging out with me and making me feel better by her comments!

I'm still finding out her first name, so I can't put it in big letters like I wanted to but that's all good. he he
Alright people, have a great cooking day, make something yummy and tell me about it.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hide that Decolletage! Sewing Thursday

HA ha, there's your word for the day, a fancy word for cleavage. ;)

Alright, so what does that mean? I love to get shirts at my local thrift stores, my favorite is Deseret Industries. I always find something good there. So I found this awesome shirt there and paid 2 bucks for it, my knowledgeable friend informed me that it is a tuxedo shirt and you can buy them at Dooney's. I said, thanks but I just paid 2 bucks at D.I. he he

Any way... The problem is that it dips down too much in the front so I have to wear a tank top underneath it, but if you didn't know, it's been like 112 degrees here in vegas and that is too many layers to wear. So, I decided to make my flashy shirt into a not so flashy shirt, and it was so easy!!! Now I will do this to all my annoying shirts.

Ok, so here is my shirt, super cute huh? I didn't try it on for you because you don't need to see my decolletage. he he

So I pulled out an old white t-shirt that has some stains on it but the neckline looks good.
 I stuck it underneath the shirt so I could see how far up I wanted it to come. Then I cut out the triangle to fit inside my shirt with about an inch of extra fabric. TIP: Cut it bigger than you need so if you mess it up you can move it or whatever you need to. TIP: Look at the direction of the fabric weave, I didn't really look at it and then I got done and it was going diagonal instead of up and down like it should. I'm sure none one else would notice but it bugged me.

Flip your shirt inside out and arrange the insert where you want it. You could pin it and check it, you know the "safe way" so it comes out good, or you could throw caution to the wind and just have at it like me. and then have to do it again because it looked messed up.

Next, give your little one a peeled peach to eat while you sew this up. Make sure to put a couple bibs on them.

I just did a simple stitch. Now, I used white thread but my shirt is two layers in the front and it had a ruffle that I stitched under. If I was doing this on another shirt I would use the same color thread as the shirt and I would stitch in the same stitches as the shirt's neckline.

And here it is!!! I then trimmed off the extra and put it on. Then I realized that I had made it too big so I pulled the thread out, adjusted it and sewed it again. Really this project takes about 20 minutes if you do everything right. Sadly the peach only lasted 5 minutes so it only helped for a little while.

And here I am, flaunting my awesome shirt and not my decolletage. 

Sweet huh?

Give Away Thursday!!!
In order to thank all my buds who have been checking out my blog I am doing a give away!!! I'm sneaky though, you have to leave a comment on this post, ON THURSDAY!! So I can see how many people look at my blog and want a freebie on that day.

You will win an Awesome Comfy Hat!!!
On Friday I will pick the winner by random and that person will get a comfy chic hat in their choice of colors.
                       So leave a comment and good luck!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

W- Recycled Wrapping!!!

So Saturday was my sister and my niece's birthday so I made my niece a bunch of flower hair clips and headbands so she can be stylin for 6th grade this year. :)

I got this great book from the library last week, Simply Green Giving by Danny Seo. If you can get this book from your library or the bookstore I highly recommend it. It has some of the greatest ideas that I've seen, not just on wrapping but also on gifts to give people. So one tip it had was to use your paper shredder and shred magazines along with those perfume samples for the filling in your box. 

My shredder does cross cut shreds so it is quite messy but I loved how festive it looked with the flowers.

Next idea is to use paper bags as your wrapping paper. Luckily I just went to Trader Joes and I had a couple bags from that trip so all you do is trim off the bottom and down one side so you are left with a flat sheet of paper.
I also cut off the handles, then later on actually ripped them off so they weren't in the way.

Next idea: Use the tape from your old VHS tapes as ribbon!! I would have never thought of this and you know you have a ton of those old tapes that you never watch well it is easy as pie to have some awesome black ribbon.
I used my husband's recording of the Simpsons and you need a small philips screw driver because you have to remove 3 screws off the back.
Unscrew the screws and BAM you've got a whole lot of black shiny ribbon.

So much ribbon in fact that if your cute little one gets a hold of a spool it is no sweat because you have a ton more!
So I used some scissors and I made a bunch of the ribbon curly then tied them together for a snappy looking bow and added the rest as some interesting lines.

So my next present I decided to use the printed side of the paper because it looked nice, but it needed something extra. Soooo...

I made a flower out of used dryer sheets and a pearl!!!
I took 2 dryer sheets and then folded them in half. I cut out leaf shapes in 4 different sizes. So I have 4 petals of each size.
Then I layered them on top of each other from large to small, threaded a needle and poked it through the center of them.

Then I went through a pearl and back through the petals. I just tied a square not on the back.

Here is the finished piece!! Makes it look much more festive. The fun thing is that it smells really good still so  my niece was all excited about it and I told her she could put it in her clothes drawer to make them smell yummy.  My family was quite impressed with my recycling wrapping, especially the VHS tape ribbon. So before you throw something away try to think if there are any other uses for it, You'd be surprised what you can come up with.

Happy Wrapping!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Macro Day!!!!

So a couple weeks ago I said we would go over macro photography and Ooooooh I am so thrilled for it.

Macro photography is the art of photography on a close up scale. I am a huge fan of this. I use a Canon 10 D SLR and I have a little macro lens that screws onto the front that gives me these gorgeous shots. You can do the same thing with the macro setting on your camera. It is the little symbol that looks like a flower.

Alright, some things to remember when doing macro photography. 
1. Generally you have a small focus area and then the rest will be fuzzy, so try to get something of interest into that little field of focus.
2. I like to shoot my photos in the morning or early evening so my lighting is low, so I use a wider aperature which gives me even less focus in the background. I like this because then my background is a color rather than any objects or shapes.
3. Flowers are a lot of fun to shoot with macro because they have amazing details and lines, they are like a small work of art and you are trying to capture that perfect moment.
4. Practice Alot! If you have a digital camera then take as many photos as you can, it will teach you what you like and what you want to change.
5. Try to find an interesting angle, look at it from all sides so you can catch something that someone else might not have.
6. Last but not least, Have Fun!!! If you don't like it then don't shoot photos of it, find something that interests you. Ever since I had my daughter thats all I want to take photos of, so use your skills on something you love.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Garden Monday Success!!!


The Fruits of my Labors!!!!

Mind you, they're not very big fruit but BOY HOWDY are they tasty!

This is the absolute best thing about gardening, it is like magic. You plant this little stick in the ground and then you get these tasty bits to eat and if you have never had a tomato fresh off the vine,
Oh My Gosh!!! So freckin' tasty!
You wouldn't think that warm tomatoes are yummy but yeah, warmed by the sun and juicy. MMMmmmmmmmmmm.
Plus I love that these are bite size so you just pop them in, a little bit of sunshine in your mouth.

Sooooooo if you don't have a garden, next year.....Get One!!!
It doesn't have to be big, heck it could be one plant, but if you are growing something you can eat then that is a garden. 
Happy Gardening!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Happy Day!!

Wow, What a Week?
You ever have a bipolar week? Where everything just keeps going up and down until at the end you feel like your going to puke? Yep, one of those weeks.
But thats Ok. Because now it is Sunday and things are Much Better. So, lets think of some things to be grateful for.

Family- hung out with them last night and they all said how much they loved my blog which empowered me (along with my reader who left a comment) to get back in the game.

Movies- Got to go see Despicable me, (Hilarious and very sweet), and Eclipse (Waaaayyyyy better than the first one, still very teenage drama, so funny) Which I really love movies, because they take you out of your ho hum life and give you a moment in something amazing and different. I think that is the magic of them especially now with all the incredible things they can do with computers, the ideas are limitless.

My friends- Sometimes I don't feel like I have friends because we are all so busy that we hardly ever hang out, but then we get together and everything is better.

Pools- In Las Vegas these are a necessity whether it's your pool or a friend's pool or a city pool, they make you forget about the insane heat for a while, which is always a great thing.

Books- I absolutely Love to Read and I totally support our local library, and this week I found some Truly awesome books, mainly "Simply Green Living" by Danny Seo, which I will feature later on in the week in my craft day so you should try to find it at your local library or even buy it because it has that many great tips.

And last but not least. Puppets- my daughter loves them and they make her laugh which in turn makes me laugh. 
So go out today and be grateful for what we have, even the little things, because they make the world better and who doesn't need that?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Some Days off

Well, we went to the beach this past weekend and it was tons of fun. I came home and I was able to put a visitor counter on my blog and lo and behold.....No one is visiting my blog..

Sooooo I got a little depressed and said "why the heck am I doing this?" I mean, I do it for myself sure, but it is nice to have some visitors and if I have no visitors then that means that my blog isn't that great, so I took a break. I also thought, how can I possibly compete in any way with all these other awesome blogs that I love looking at. So I am taking a break. If I make something awesome I'll post it on here but I'm not going to wear myself out about it, especially if no body is watching, then my whole drama is just with myself any way. Laters..

Monday, July 19, 2010

Garden Monday-Watch out for this guy!!!!

The Infamous Green Horned Caterpillar

Yeah, so these are the guys you have to watch out for on your tomato plants. They are tricky too because if they know you are near they stick out like that and try to look like a branch. If you see a bunch of bare branches then you know you have one because boy, do they strip them.

So I caught this guy before I went on vacation for the weekend, I thought there was a little too much damage to be done by just one guy, but this was the only one I could find.

Then I come back from my trip, look out my window and like half my plant is bare and 
THIS GUY was having a Buffet!!

Yeah, so he had a real nice time eating my plant all weekend.

Here is my husband, doing the honors. I hate grabbing them when they are this big because they will wiggle like crazy. So we just trimmed off his branch and threw him over the wall! 
Sayanara Sucker!!!

So keep an eye out for these guys, luckily once you get rid of them the plant will bounce back.
Happy Gardening!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Kid Fun Day!!!


Teaching art for two years I had to come up with all kinds of projects. I really loved working with the younger kids because they were so much more enthused about the activities. So one project we did was a watercolor book where they had to try out all the different water color techniques. Here are 3 techniques that I find, kids really like.

Watercolor set
Watercolor paper- this makes a difference, if you just use regular paper it will break down and squish all over the place.
Salt-regular salt and rock salt work
Paper towels
Masking tape- just a little bit to hold down the corners of your paper
Plastic wrap
Water Cup

Technique 1- Plastic Wrap
Ok- Tape your paper down on the corners, you don't need very much tape, just a little.
First we are going to do a wash on our paper. A wash is a smooth layer of either water or water color. We are going to do a wash of water. You want to dip your brush in the water and smooth water all over your paper till you have a nice layer.
 Now you are going to pick a couple colors. You want to stick with colors that are friends with each other. Like Red and blue make purple so they are friends. We don't want to use enemies, those are yellow with purple, blue with orange, or green with red. Those colors when you mix them, make brown which isn't very fun on your paper.

So I started off with red. Then I added blue. Here are a couple water color tricks.

The more water you add the lighter your color. So if you want a nice strong red you just add a little water to your color in the box other wise if you keep dipping your brush in water and then dipping it in the color it will come out really light.

When you already have a layer of water on your paper your colors are going to mix and bleed into each other which can be a lot of fun because you can't control it.

So once you have a lot of color on your paper then we need to pull out our plastic wrap and get a piece that is a little bigger than your paper.

Lay the plastic wrap on your paper.

With a pinching motion you want to lightly grab the plastic wrap, pull up in the air a little and touch down so you have some air underneath the plastic wrap but it also touches the paper. Do this all over.

Now you need to leave that to dry, you can put it outside if it isn't windy.

Make sure it is really dry, and then you can pull off the plastic wrap.

This is your finished product!

Technique 2- Salt

Tape a new piece of paper down.
Again, put down a layer of water.
Pick a couple friendly colors and do some swirls, dots, and lines. Make a cool abstract composition. Abstract is something that doesn't look like anything real. Composition is the objects, colors, and movement that is your drawing.

Once you have your whole paper filled up (no white areas) then you want to pull out your salt. You can use rock salt or regular salt or a little of both. Sprinkle it on your paper, not all over, but in spots. The salt will suck up your water color and leave a crystalized effect that is really cool. 
Then leave it to dry......
Ta Da!!!
Fun huh?

Technique 3-Crumpled Paper Towel

Make a wash of water on your paper and choose some bright colors to add in.
Now, Crumple up a paper towel so you have some nice corners and bits poking out. If you have one of those natural sponges that would work too.
Then dab your paper towel onto your picture.
Keep doing this until it looks the way you want.
Ta Da!!!!
I love to combine these techniques into pictures. An example would be a blue sky and you use the crumples paper towel to look like clouds. Or you could do an outer space picture and add the salt to really give it that feeling.  You could always do a background like this, modge podge over it and then add some images on top. Have Fun!!