Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Beginning

Alright so I'm starting this new blog. Lately I've felt kind of cramped in a little box. I go about my day doing all my regular day things and I feel so empty and quiet. Warren made the comment that our little girl is such a show off and a happy leader and he wonders where she got that from. I couldn't help but think that I used to be like that and then I got older and I squished that down because it so often led to dissapointment and frustration and I was never the best at anything so I never felt like I should really be leading. Now I'm a middle me. I have all these urgings to express myself creatively and yet I have all this guilt about not using my time wisely. If it takes me all day to finish a project and now the house is a mess, I don't feel that excited because when Warren walks in and sees the dirty house it doesn't really justify the project. But oh well, that is what I will do and this will be that collection.

If anyone knows me, I'm not an organized person. I have to force myself to be organized. I am very right brained so things get done but they get done in their own time. I love to do projects but I needed some kind of organization otherwise nothing ever gets done so here is what I decided.

Monday Gardening Day- I'll give tips and photos of my garden and what you can plant in the harsh desert that will give you some love back.

Tuesday Photo Day- I am a photo addict and I did photography in college and so I will share my photos and what I do to get that special moment

Wednesday Craft Day- I kept it general because craft includes so many things from beads to clay to sticking a bunch of crap to something....

Thursday Sewing and Yarn- I love to sew and I've taken up crocheting again so here will be simple projects that anybody can do.

Friday Cook Day-I've always loved to cook. We had the same kind of stuff every week and I get stuck in that rut quite often and then I'll make something magical and I feel the food love all over again.

Saturday Kid Fun Day-As an art teacher I've done all kinds of art projects and I love the magic that kids have with creating something so here you will get projects you can do with your kids so they can experience that love of creativity that everyone gets at some point.

Sunday Reflection and Gratitude Day- I think the world would be much better if we were all grateful a little more for what we've been blessed with, it also helps with everything you do in realizing that you are special and lucky to have everything that you have.

Alright, heres to a new beginning, I hope people will enjoy this journey and share the love with others. Oh and I just tried Oreo's mint fudge cookies, they taste just like girl scout cookies, I am lovin' it.

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