Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Happy Day!!

Wow, What a Week?
You ever have a bipolar week? Where everything just keeps going up and down until at the end you feel like your going to puke? Yep, one of those weeks.
But thats Ok. Because now it is Sunday and things are Much Better. So, lets think of some things to be grateful for.

Family- hung out with them last night and they all said how much they loved my blog which empowered me (along with my reader who left a comment) to get back in the game.

Movies- Got to go see Despicable me, (Hilarious and very sweet), and Eclipse (Waaaayyyyy better than the first one, still very teenage drama, so funny) Which I really love movies, because they take you out of your ho hum life and give you a moment in something amazing and different. I think that is the magic of them especially now with all the incredible things they can do with computers, the ideas are limitless.

My friends- Sometimes I don't feel like I have friends because we are all so busy that we hardly ever hang out, but then we get together and everything is better.

Pools- In Las Vegas these are a necessity whether it's your pool or a friend's pool or a city pool, they make you forget about the insane heat for a while, which is always a great thing.

Books- I absolutely Love to Read and I totally support our local library, and this week I found some Truly awesome books, mainly "Simply Green Living" by Danny Seo, which I will feature later on in the week in my craft day so you should try to find it at your local library or even buy it because it has that many great tips.

And last but not least. Puppets- my daughter loves them and they make her laugh which in turn makes me laugh. 
So go out today and be grateful for what we have, even the little things, because they make the world better and who doesn't need that?

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