Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Macro Day!!!!

So a couple weeks ago I said we would go over macro photography and Ooooooh I am so thrilled for it.

Macro photography is the art of photography on a close up scale. I am a huge fan of this. I use a Canon 10 D SLR and I have a little macro lens that screws onto the front that gives me these gorgeous shots. You can do the same thing with the macro setting on your camera. It is the little symbol that looks like a flower.

Alright, some things to remember when doing macro photography. 
1. Generally you have a small focus area and then the rest will be fuzzy, so try to get something of interest into that little field of focus.
2. I like to shoot my photos in the morning or early evening so my lighting is low, so I use a wider aperature which gives me even less focus in the background. I like this because then my background is a color rather than any objects or shapes.
3. Flowers are a lot of fun to shoot with macro because they have amazing details and lines, they are like a small work of art and you are trying to capture that perfect moment.
4. Practice Alot! If you have a digital camera then take as many photos as you can, it will teach you what you like and what you want to change.
5. Try to find an interesting angle, look at it from all sides so you can catch something that someone else might not have.
6. Last but not least, Have Fun!!! If you don't like it then don't shoot photos of it, find something that interests you. Ever since I had my daughter thats all I want to take photos of, so use your skills on something you love.

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