Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hide that Decolletage! Sewing Thursday

HA ha, there's your word for the day, a fancy word for cleavage. ;)

Alright, so what does that mean? I love to get shirts at my local thrift stores, my favorite is Deseret Industries. I always find something good there. So I found this awesome shirt there and paid 2 bucks for it, my knowledgeable friend informed me that it is a tuxedo shirt and you can buy them at Dooney's. I said, thanks but I just paid 2 bucks at D.I. he he

Any way... The problem is that it dips down too much in the front so I have to wear a tank top underneath it, but if you didn't know, it's been like 112 degrees here in vegas and that is too many layers to wear. So, I decided to make my flashy shirt into a not so flashy shirt, and it was so easy!!! Now I will do this to all my annoying shirts.

Ok, so here is my shirt, super cute huh? I didn't try it on for you because you don't need to see my decolletage. he he

So I pulled out an old white t-shirt that has some stains on it but the neckline looks good.
 I stuck it underneath the shirt so I could see how far up I wanted it to come. Then I cut out the triangle to fit inside my shirt with about an inch of extra fabric. TIP: Cut it bigger than you need so if you mess it up you can move it or whatever you need to. TIP: Look at the direction of the fabric weave, I didn't really look at it and then I got done and it was going diagonal instead of up and down like it should. I'm sure none one else would notice but it bugged me.

Flip your shirt inside out and arrange the insert where you want it. You could pin it and check it, you know the "safe way" so it comes out good, or you could throw caution to the wind and just have at it like me. and then have to do it again because it looked messed up.

Next, give your little one a peeled peach to eat while you sew this up. Make sure to put a couple bibs on them.

I just did a simple stitch. Now, I used white thread but my shirt is two layers in the front and it had a ruffle that I stitched under. If I was doing this on another shirt I would use the same color thread as the shirt and I would stitch in the same stitches as the shirt's neckline.

And here it is!!! I then trimmed off the extra and put it on. Then I realized that I had made it too big so I pulled the thread out, adjusted it and sewed it again. Really this project takes about 20 minutes if you do everything right. Sadly the peach only lasted 5 minutes so it only helped for a little while.

And here I am, flaunting my awesome shirt and not my decolletage. 

Sweet huh?

Give Away Thursday!!!
In order to thank all my buds who have been checking out my blog I am doing a give away!!! I'm sneaky though, you have to leave a comment on this post, ON THURSDAY!! So I can see how many people look at my blog and want a freebie on that day.

You will win an Awesome Comfy Hat!!!
On Friday I will pick the winner by random and that person will get a comfy chic hat in their choice of colors.
                       So leave a comment and good luck!!!


  1. Nice decolletage! I will be using that word all day thank you very much. Sign me up for that hat

  2. So I'm a little late... :) I love your blog! I tried to get a hat together but, Elenore must be a good baby, cause I can't get Logan to sit still long enough to get one finished :) oh well, one thing at a time huh :)
    Keep it up!

  3. Thanks Becky!! I hope you are feeling better. Now that Eleanor is older, as long as she isn't hungry she will play on her own for a little while, it is pretty nice. Then I try to do stuff when she is napping. Thanks for the support!

  4. I missed out! I guess I wasn't the only one. I'm so sorry. I have never faithfully followed Antibes blog(including our own), so I'm sluggish, but I'm going to follow yours best I can. You can run this giveaway again next Thursday if you want!!! I love that hat! I'm nervous to do my own because I just know it won't be as good as yours!

  5. Ha ha, yeah right, so says the sewing queen. So nice of you to visit and to compliment my simple hat, I'm sure your hat will be awesome like out of tiger print fabric and awesome black flowers or something. You have way more talent for sewing than I do. You should do a cooking friday or a sewing thursday for me sometime, I saw that you make beef jerkey, I would love to know how you do that. Love You Sandy!!


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