Sunday, July 11, 2010

Grateful Sunday

Sometimes I'm just stunned at how lucky we are. I can go to church, read books, if I'm angry at the government I can say stuff about it. There are so many people in the world who can't do that. So here is a little list of the top 10 I'm happy with at the moment.

10. Mountain Dew: I'm not a big soda drinker but my Dad was always a fan of this stuff and every once and a while I love to have one because it makes me think of him, and racing through mountains on a dirt bike yelling DO THE DEW!!!

9. Trader Joe Power Berries: These are new and are awesome! They are a mix of of berry juices coated in dark chocolate and are my little pick me up for the day. Any moment is better with a power berry.

8. Tomato plants: They are like magic. You put this little plant in the dirt and it just grows and grows and suddenly you have little tomatoes!! They also smell really good, kind of peppery.

7. Organized people: I'm not one of those people so I'm extremely grateful for them because they make the world run and they come up with organizing things to help my unorganized brain.

6. My house: I don't have a very big house but I've been in it 5 years now and it's an expression of me which is nice because when I first moved in it was a total guy's place and now it is a nice combination of me and my husband, although getting rid of all his ugly man furniture still bugs him. heh heh

5. Hammocks: I was never a big fan of hammocks until I visited Panama and slept in one and now we have two in our back yard and on a beautiful spring afternoon it feels so nice to relax in one and get some vitamin D.

4. Mountian Dew and Power Berries at the same time: Need I say more?

3. Church: I'm a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and although it can be alot of work it helps to bring hope and love to my life which I think everyone needs more of.

2. My Daughter: She just turned a year and is such an amazement to me. She is extremely smart and happy, she makes me laugh all day and she teaches me patience which I definitely need more of.

1. My husband: I am such an off person sometimes and he puts up with it and loves me in spite of it, he is also super cute. :)

Alright, I think that is a pretty good list for today. I could add photos but I don't really feel like it. Tune in tomorrow for my gardening tips and come back every day because I will have some awesome things for this week.

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