Friday, July 30, 2010

Sundried tomato sandwhich

Well it is Friday, my cooking day! This week hasn't been much for cooking. My husband is on a diet so I don't really feel like making anything big since it is just me and my 13 month old to eat it. I did make some of my awesome burrito mix which you can find here. That was great to eat for a couple days and my daughter likes it smooshed up with some cheese in a quesadilla. So I thought I would post a lunch idea since I always have trouble with that.

So I went to the farmer's market and got some sundried tomato bread, it has the consistency of a baguette but has little bits of sun dried tomato throughout. Then I have some avocado, Mmmmmm so yummy and great source of good fats, last, I top it with an over medium eggs. People are used to hearing over easy but if you cook it over easy then the white part is still kind of runny. Yuck! So I cook mine over medium. I toss my bread in the toaster for a couple minutes to make it a slight crunch. Try it out!! It is super tasty, healthy, and feels you up with good carbs and proteins.

So yesterday was my giveaway and I guess people didn't really want a comfy hat because I only had one comment. heh kind of funny, so thats great because the hat goes to an awesome supporter of my blog, who has been hanging out with me and making me feel better by her comments!

I'm still finding out her first name, so I can't put it in big letters like I wanted to but that's all good. he he
Alright people, have a great cooking day, make something yummy and tell me about it.

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