Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Make your Own Flower Barrettes!!

hoooh, Sorry it is late in the day for my post, I was working on a project for my sewing day and it took longer than I thought. My daughter is switching over to one nap which is really nice but it makes for a long morning with not much getting done. Sooooooo I thought it would be fun to demonstrate how to make some flower barrettes. I really love making these for all kinds of occasions. I like wearing them, my niece wears them, and my daughter wears them, yep they are very trendy. They are super easy to make too, I did a demo for the ladies at my mom's super saturday craft day and they loved them.

Alright, so First I think of a color scheme for my barrette. I like white with some yellow and orange. I pull out flowers that have the same style of petals.

2. Remove all the plant bits on your flowers and throw those away. They are really easy to pull apart but some you have to give a good yank.

Heres my next flower, see how it has roundy petals? So this is good to use with the orange where as the daisy in the background would look weird.

So here are all the pieces, I pulled apart 3 flowers. I like to buy flowers at the dollar store, you just have to look really closely at them because you can tell which ones are super crappy  cheap just by getting a close up look at them.

Now I layer them. I like to alternate colors and make sure that the petals are in different positions so they are fuller not all squished together.
 Next, you need a brass brad. Now you can buy cool brads at the scrapbooking stores but they are super expensive and you get like 8 of them in a pack so what I do is buy a pack of the regular brass brads from an office store and you get like 100 for 3.00$. Then you can hot glue any top you want on it. So, you push the brad through the holes in your petals, then open it up and press the brad back.

Here is the almost complete flower.

Now, there are a couple options for the center of your flower, you can use little rhinestones (I did those for my niece) or you can use buttons. I am a sucker for buttons. I collect them, I have tons of them so I am always on the look out for something to use them on.

 Now you need a hair clip. I like these smooth ones, I don't like the ones with teeth because I always rip out some hairs with those. Then you need some 1/4 inch ribbon. I like to keep a lookout for it in the dollar section at target. That's where I got this kind. You are going to cover the clip with the ribbon. I start on the inside then come over the top, press it into the squeeze part and then end on the underside of the squeeze tab. I don't go all the way around because then the bottom will be kind of thick and it wont hold as well.
Now we will glue it onto the back of the flower.
I glue it to the top of the clip where the ribbon is. I know, you are thinking, why did I just cover this slip with ribbon if you can't see it? Because it is cute Darn IT! and if you do a little flower then you will be able to see the clip.
And there it is.

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