Saturday, August 14, 2010

Organic line fun

Organic line is a line that is found in nature, not a geometric line or straight line.

I know you are thinking HOLY CRAP! I can't do that! Seriously it is way easy and I had my middle school students doing it and they came out great. I did this on a letter size paper and it took me about an hour I think. But you could do them with your kids on much smaller pieces of paper and with different colored markers, maybe do one a day and then arrange them into a bigger collage piece. Way cool!

Here is how you do it.
1. Get your piece of paper and choice of writing material. Draw a curvy line from one side to the other. I would make mine even curvier next time so it is more fun. Place a dot every couple inches on your line. You can adjust that depending on the size of your paper.

 2. Just above that line follow along and then when you get to a dot, dip down to touch it. It is fine if your spacing isn't even, you could even do a pattern like try adding a little more space each time you draw a line and then slowly take that space away, it will become an optical illusion where the lines will appear to pop out of the page. Also try using different colors.

3. Keep adding lines, it is fun to see how they change and progress because of how you draw them.
Make sure that you dip down to touch the dot, otherwise it won't look as good.

4. Take a little break, I took a picture of my chicken salt and pepper shakers.

5. Keep going.

6. You might lose a dot along the way, that is fine, see how my two dots in the middle got connected.

7. When you get to the top make sure to fill in the space even if you can't draw one continuos line.
When you finish one side, turn you paper around and do the other side the same way.

8. And you are done! I am going to try doing these on different materials and with different spacing because there is a lot of variety you can do and they can look really neat. Have fun!!


  1. Hello - That is a cool project. My eyes are still trying to focus. I can't wait to see what else you have got in store.


  2. Thanks! If I get a chance I'll do one in color so you can see what it looks like.


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