Sunday, August 8, 2010

Week Off

Sorry to my readers- I went to Girls Camp this week and I didn't have projects set up for while I was gone. I'm going to get rid of my gardening monday, since my garden is now dead---So Sad.

Girls camp was awesome! It was my first time away from my 13 month old and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We have awesome girls in my church so it was tons of fun to go. I made my own chips today so I'll show that on Friday, I also have a really cool art idea for kids for Saturday. I might get rid of my photo tuesday because it doesn't interest me as much to show you guys that stuff, unless you want it, then let me know. I think I'll work on some cool flowers or a little dress for my daughter for this week's sewing day. So those are some things to look forward to this week.

I'm grateful for the rain- we got a little here and it smells so nice and cooled things down a bit.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to go to girl's camp, it was a nice break.

Alright, have a great Sunday!


  1. You are alive! Good to here you had a fun week, bet you miss the latrines.

  2. Ha ha, you know these girls have it a lot better than we did. I think they replaced the toilets up at kolob because they seemed to hold more water than the old ones did, although the seats kept sliding when you sit on them, makes using the bathroom an adventure!

  3. I was wondering why there were no new posts. Glad you had a good time, I always loved girls camp!


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