Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Flower Power Barrette style #2

Alright!! On saturday I came up with this type of flower barrette, then I went nuts and made a bunch of them to wear to church on Sunday and I got a bunch of great comments on them so I thought I would share them with you! You lucky people you. 

Here is the completed clip, so pretty huh, well then check out my instructions!!
1. Pick a color of Large ribbon, like a 1 1/2 inch ribbon. The best is the satin ribbon that is 100% polyester and the ribbon from Michaels curls in really well like a real petal. It has something to do with the thickness of the ribbon.
2. I used a tea light, trace 8 circles onto the back of your ribbon. It won't show up as well on the shiny side.(change because of all the ones I have done now. Draw 1 circle and then fold your ribbon like an accordion and put a pin in the center so you only have to do one cut but you can do all 8 petals at once. 

 3. Trace 8 more circles in a smaller size, I used a fat glue stick.

 4. Cut out your circles.

 5. Now get a tea light or some other candle that you can reach the flame easily. You're going to hold a circle and rotate it next to the flame which will seal and curl the edges a little. Do this to all your petals.
Note* If you put it too close it will create dips in your petal, which can look cool. Also if you do it when there is a little air movement, your flame will move which will make singe marks on your petals, some people might like that.

6. Now you need a needle and thread, you can use the same color as the petals if the thread shows on your button, otherwise you can use any thread you want. You want it doubled and knotted on the end.

7. You want the shiny side of the petal facing up and you come from underneath just inside the edge of the petal. Do this with 4 of the big petals.

 8. Arrange the petals so they are evenly spaced.
9. Your next row of petals you need to insert the needle farther in on the petal, about 1/4 inch or a little more. Do this with the other 4 big petals.
10. Now we move on to the smaller petals, again poke through 4 petals close to the edge.
11. Add your last petals by poking through farther in, what this does is create layers to your flower without having to cut 4 different size of petals. Smart huh?

 12. Now move your petals around a bit until you like how it looks.
13. Pick a button that goes well with your flower, I have a ton of vintage and antique buttons so it is always a hard decision as to which one looks the best.
14. If you pick a button where you can see the thread then hopefully you chose a thread that looks good with it. I like to use the buttons that are a single hole underneath so you don't worry about the thread.
15. Sew your button onto your flower, when you go back through the petals try to come up in a slightly different spot so it holds your petals together stronger.

 16. Tie it off and the flower part is done!!!

 17. Pull out a hair clip and cover it in ribbon like we did on last week's tutorial which you can find here.

 18. I like to cup the flower in my hand and squish it into a ball so your petals will curve and look more realistic. Hot glue your clip onto the back of your flower.

19. I've been seeing some really cute thin headbands around in the blogging world and I don't have one so I decided to make one, SO EASY!! Find a piece of ribbon that you like and put it on like a headband so you know how long to make it. Cut it off about 2 inches shorter than that.
20. Cut off a piece of elastic that is about 1 1/2 inches long that is the same thickness as your ribbon.
21. Do a zigzag stitch to join the elastic to the ends of your ribbon, I just went back and forth a couple times. And Voila! you have a headband.

 And the great thing about putting hair clips on your flower is that you can position them wherever you want on the headband or you can just stick them in your hair.

And there you go, so pretty huh? I altered this photo in photoshop but I did take it with my macro setting so you get a nice close up of the flower without all the boring back ground.


  1. Love it!!! I need to get the girls on here so they can see it !

  2. They are so easy and I got a ton of compliments on them, I think I like them better than the regular flower barrettes. Thanks for stopping by, we are keeping Betty in our prayers so I hope everything gets better. Love ya!!

  3. Dido. Love it! Sorry I haven't gotten back to you on the hat yet. I know what colors, I just haven't measured my head:)


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