Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sweet Potato Fries

Ahh Sweet potatoes. They conjure up images of casseroles dishes brimming with marshmallows, syrup, and chunks of orange. I was never a fan. I tried them a couple times and each time I vowed to never do it again. Then I had Eleanor and fed plain smashed ones to her and she loved them. I tried them and they were pretty yummy. So now she won't eat the mashed ones but they are a powerhouse vitamin packed spud so I tried making sweet potato fries and boy they are so good that Warren and I eat some too. 

They are super easy and you can get them year round so they have become a great side dish in my house that also reheat well.

First, get a 2-3 medium size sweet potatoes( we'll refer to them as SW so I don't have to keep typing them) Make sure they don't have any bruises, mold, or are beat up because if part of the SW is bad the whole thing will be bitter.
Turn your oven on to 375. Use a regular peeler to peel your SW and then chop off the ends.

Cut the SW into large chunky fry size. Warren thought I cut up a bunch of carrots. Try to keep them an even size because if you have a bunch of sizes they won't cook evenly.

 Place your SW into a ziploc bag and add about 1/4 C oil, I like to use olive oil. Mix that around inside and then sprinkle in some sugar and cinnamon. You really only need like an 1/8 C because the SW are already sweet this just adds a little more flavor.

 Line a baking sheet with foil and spray it with some cooking spray then spread your SW inside. Try to even it out so there isn't just a mound of fries in the middle. 

Check them at 40 minutes. I pulled these out a little soon, they taste better when the tips are a little brown, it gives it a little carmelizing affect. And there you go. Serve them fast because they cool off pretty quick, but you can just pop them in the microwave for 20 seconds and they are great.

*Note: These are not like potato fries. They are still very soft so don't expect that crispy potato fry, but they are delicious and nutritious. So Try it out!

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