Thursday, September 2, 2010

Going to take a Break

I know, you are thinking, Well Melinda you've taken quite a lot of breaks in the past couple weeks and You are right. :) But here is what's going on.

I went and got my hair cut at a place right down the street from me and the owner loved my hair clip (the ribbon one I demo'd  before) so I am going to start selling my clips and some other stuff at their shop but that means that I need my free time to get that going cause that takes a lot of work to get together. So I don't have time for my blog and that, atleast not every day, so my blog will be kind of hit and miss the next couple weeks. I'll post some of the cool stuff I'm going to be selling in the shop and if anything else comes up that I think you guys will like, I will post that too but it won't be an every day thing until I get everything rolling. So thanks for checking in, please don't abandon me completely, I will be back. 


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