Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Busy Days

My goodness it has been a busy week.

Thursday-Had to do all the doctor stuff, laid around cause I didn't feel very good.

Friday- Made crackers, posted photo and recipe, had to pack and went off to barstow.

Saturday- Hubby went 4 wheeling with his brother and sister, I went garage sale hunting and hung out with my father in law, then when hubby got back I went horse back riding with my two sister in laws, my Mother in law, and their friend. So much fun! Got back from a relaxing ride and then I tried riding a galloping horse which was awesome but hurt my back.

Sunday- hung out with the folks some more then headed home but I was sick and throwing up most of the day so I was barely doing anything once we got home.

Monday- Had to clean up the house which took like all day. Blah...

Tuesday- Did a little shopping and had to call around and get all my doctor stuff figured out.

I've also been working on crocheting a cardigan for my friend's daughter so that is taking up my quiet time..

I tried to come up with a craft for today but nothing really clicked. I went to the mall yesterday to look at all the fall looks to see if that inspired anything. Seems this fall is all about layers, solids mixed with a bit of plaids, soft scarves, glittery accessories, slumped boots, and textures

Maybe we could do something with the accessories, something that is a mix of soft and harsh with a bit of glitter, I'm thinking bracelet. Alright I will see if I can get it done, it might be more of a sewing thing for tomorrow, if you have any suggestions or ideas for things you'd like to see demo'd don't hesitate to let me know,

 I love your thoughts and suggestions. Have a great day!!!


  1. wow. life looks crazy on paper. at least you got a little change of scenery in the middle of your craziness. hope all is well with your doctor STUFF. i am sorry for your loss.

  2. I'll still check in. I think it's awesome that you'll be selling your clips! That's exciting! Your work is great, have fun making samples!!!

  3. Thanks everybody. I am doing good, physically and mentally. I am super excited about this opportunity to sell my stuff, and I'm still just gettin all my regular stuff done.Thanks for keeping with me, I appreciate it. :)


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