Friday, May 6, 2011

Water Street Studio here we come!

Yeah like the name? Water Street Studio

I was going to call it The Studio, but there were already companies with that name, and I like this one better.

I filed all my paperwork, got an IRS number for the company and I've done all my graphs and charts and my business plan! Whooo thats alot of stuff. I've been thinking about this constantly it feels like for the past month, but that is ok. I like staying busy, it keeps me sane. :)

Thursday night was a good night, we went to the temple, haven't been there in quite a while. Made my spirit all happy and I was able to do some great heartfelt prayers and feel a little closer to my Savior, which is always nice. :)

So now I am looking at financing. I'm going to talk to a couple banks on Tuesday and see if they can hook me up, if not than we are going to do it on our own. Not as much fun but atleast it will get going. I'm going to have to make a page on facebook, maybe a twitter account, and a website. Again, more work but thats good because I know that this is what I am supposed to do and we will do it. :)

Then all my lovely friends can come over and do some art, and it will be tons of fun.

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  1. doll, don't just rely on banks. A good business plan can get you private investors and in Vegas there is plenty of private investors! You just need a few names that care about art!! Have you thought about that route?? Seriously, I would maybe think about a private investor before a bank. I am super proud of you and taking the risk and going for it. So amazing! Looking forward to catching up with you.


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