Thursday, April 28, 2011

Art School

Alright, so I have had an interesting month. March was kind of nasty, we were all sick for like the whole month. Warren, Eleanor, and I had a cough at the beginning, then we got better for a week and then Warren went on a trip and when he came home he shared some germs and I got Bronchitis, Ella got pink eye, then I got pink eye, then I got a sinus infection where my face was all swollen, ha it was sooooo much fun. So now it is the end of April. Spring break was pretty good, we had a friend from Panama visiting so I got to do the touristy thing all week. Also around that time I came up with an idea.

Art School

I thought about what I want to do with my time, and how I really can't continue subbing because we want to have another kid next year and I can't afford babysitting with my sub pay so I'd basically be at home. Which I don't mind, I've gotten better at it now that Ella is a little older and more fun to play with. She also understands and can answer stuff. So I thought of teaching art classes.

Las Vegas, even though it is a pretty big city does not have much in the way or art and creative places to go. You can take some classes at the rec centers, but that is about it. Now they are also cutting a lot of funding to the schools so they won't have much art either. There fore it would be a good business to be an art center.

So I am all jazzed about this idea, but let me tell you, it is a ton of work! I found a location, in downtown henderson which is awesome because they do all kinds of events and if you are a business there you get a free booth and free publicity! Also there are alot of art galleries down there and they do art events all the time. 

So here is what I am thinking for the art school. 
1. I still need to come up with a name, so any help in that area would be great.
2. It has 3 rooms, so 1 room will be a play area so little kids can play in there while an adult takes a class or while a sibling takes a class.
3. The 2nd room will be a regular studio room where we will have classes like painting, drawing, sculpture, and ceramics. Also probably some photography.
4. The 3rd room......Heres the thing I am trying to decide. I was researching art studios and there are some good ones in CA and one of them I really liked their idea. You pay a studio fee like 6$ an hour, then you pick out an object like a birdhouse, mirror, jewelry box, or something else then in this room you have all kinds of materials that you can use on your object. Kind of like the build a bear idea but it is a very creative environment with a brainstormng area, glue  area, and then all kinds of paints and cool stuff. 

So I could do that for a room, or I could have another studio space for teaching classes or knock out a wall and have a big studio space for classes. Any ideas? 

I am super jazzed about this whole thing, and I believe it will work out and this is the space to do it in, but I would also love some feedback from my friends because everybody always has good suggestions and ideas. 

I am hoping to open it up some time in July so I can get some kids in looking for good activities. 

Alright, hope all of you are doing good and thanks for stopping by.



  1. that sounds like fun. i have always wanted to learn how to pencil. it all depends on how many people you want to hire and what kind of permits or whatever you need to provide care for children.

  2. Luckily I've got all the skills so I shouldn't need to hire anyone for a while. The child care is just a space with a 3 foot wall around it that has toys and fun stuff in it so it isn't really a day care facility so I don't have to get permits. :) I think it will work.


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