Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fix a hole

So yeah, probably a year ago I noticed a hole in Warren's shirt that looked like a cut with some scissors so I went out and bought this fusible interfacing and then stuck it somewhere and couldn't find it. Well a couple weeks ago Eleanor got a hold on some scissors and she cut a hole in two of her best shirts....Great. Luckily I found my packet of interfacing so I decided to pull that out and fix them today. I thought I would put it on here because some people don't know how to do this or that they even have that option.

Ok, so if you have a hole in some clothing and it is a smooth cut where the fabric can be matched up again, instead of sewing it or throwing it away you just need to buy some interfacing, which you can find at your nearest fabric store.
1. Put the shirt inside out.
2. Cut a piece of interfacing to fit over the cut with a little extra.

3. Place the side of the interfacing that has the little dots on it against the fabric.
4. Cover the area with a damp cloth. I like to use a handkerchief or a thin dish towel because it is thin so the heat will go through it well.
5. Place a hot iron over the area and leave for 10-15 seconds.
6. All done!

It is super easy, I was able to fix all three shirts in like 6 minutes, it was awesome.

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